Technology Solutions

Freight Technology

The backbone to TL and LTL technology is the Transportation Management System (TMS), giving Brokerages the ability streamline processes, improve freight management and collect data for advanced reporting. Pro Star Logistics’ vast Transportation experience allows us to effectively utilize data to help our clients better understand the impact of Transportation on their business. Our ability to provide Business Intelligence derived from Transportation data makes Pro Star a great partner for shippers that need to improve their understanding of their supply chain.

Pro Star Logistics has an integrated TMS that utilizes other standalone technology to automate the carrier onboarding and monitoring process. We also utilize proprietary software for mass rating LTL lanes, and an automated RFP software to streamline our ability to compete in large Request For Proposals.

Our Process

Parcel Technology

As the world is becoming smaller with the proliferation of parcel shipping services, it is critical for e-tailers to become more efficient in the technology that they use in the shipping process. The cost of shipping has become a key driver in e-commerce success.

Pro Star Logistics has adopted a strategy to utilize multiple Technology Partners in achieving this goal. The shipping community has diverse needs from simple single package shipping to batch label printing. We have defined these needs in the following ways:

  • Simple
  • Moderate
  • Complex

We have developed relationships with multiple Partners which provides our customers with access to the best technology relative to their business model. We go through an extensive technology discovery process which is a critical element in creating a Parcel Optimization Solution. We review the complete order process which includes the market places and shopping carts that are utilized.

In a world that wants it fast and cheap, our technology strategy is designed to create an optimal shipping result. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a great “delivery experience”.