Parcel Services


Pro Star is a leading provider of Domestic and International Parcel Solutions. We focus on Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) and e-commerce companies. Pro Star has developed a parcel multi-carrier shipping platform which allows us to offer a customized Parcel Optimization Solution. Our customers can maintain their primary carrier relationship and by leveraging Pro Star’s carrier relationships, our customers benefit from the volume contracts that we have with most of the major carriers. Pro Star operates in a highly collaborative way and does not require a contract with its customers. We have a belief and value in being “easy to do business with”.

Pro Star has been servicing the e-commerce, B2C, B2B community for over 20 years. As DHL’s 2nd Largest Reseller in the USA and a Business Alliance Partner to the USPS, and other strategic partnerships with small package consolidation services, we help our customers achieve a Parcel Optimization Model.

At the end of the day, it is all about your customer having a great “delivery experience”!

Parcel Services

  • International Outbound
  • International Inbound
  • USPS Services
  • Domestic Ground & Air Service
  • Package Consolidation Service
  • Parcel Audit Service
  • Free Parcel Analysis