ISA Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Star ISA FAQ

What does it take to be a successful Pro Star Parcel ISA?

Successful Pro Star Parcel ISA’s are not only good sales reps but also have the discipline to stay focused on selling. You will not only be representing Pro Star Parcel which includes partnerships with DHL and other small package providers but major LTL carriers so your approach must be one of total professionalism. Engaged Field Sales and strong follow up activities are important. Although it certainly is easier if you already have current established freight customer relationships if you are hardworking and good at sales you can be very successful. The financial upside of being a Pro Star Parcel ISA is limited only by your sales efforts and level of engagement.

What does it Cost to Become a Pro Star Parcel ISA?

Pro Star Parcel’s ISA program does not require very much out of pocket expense. There are no upfront agent or franchise fees. You will need to have a smart phone, a fairly new computer, reliable transportation etc. You can definitely start by working out of your home.

Pro Star Parcel will provide most of what you need including Business Cards, Sales Literature, Vetted Sales Leads, Customized Value Proposition Flyers, Rate Sheets, and State-of -the- Art Customer and Sales Technology including Live Shipment Viewing and Reporting.

What kind of Training is supplied by Pro Star Parcel?

Pro Star Parcel will address all of your training needs by individual phone conference, group and 1 on 1 Webinars, and field training and blitzes if desired. You will have access to training and other ISA specific materials at all times downloaded on our ISA – Intra-Web site. Pro Star Parcel expends significant resources training our ISA Network. We are committed to supporting the best trained ISA’s in the industry.

As a Pro Star Parcel ISA will I be restricted to sell in a certain territory or to a certain geographical area?

No, you can sell anywhere you want. We suggest that you focus primarily on the market closest to you geographically however; if you have an opportunity in another city or state you can pursue it and we will support it. Many of our ISA’s have relationships in multiple cities and we encourage and support all appropriate sales activities.

Are there Rules of Engagement with DHL and Pro Star Parcel’s partners?

Yes there are. Pro Star Parcel operates to put on additional International business for DHL and Pro Star must submit all accounts for query approval prior to granting rates and/or shipping privileges to its customers. Also, there are Rules of Engagement for our LTL partners primarily to make sure that we do not interfere with strong established freight relationships.

How will I interact with the Pro Star Parcel office?

Pro Star Parcel ISA’s have full access to our office for sales support, customer issues, billing issues, CHB support, etc. and for any questions that you encounter during the course of building your business. You will receive you own Pro Star Parcel E-mail address. Our staff is dedicated to sales and customer support. You will submit all of your new account query information to our new customer support team and they will clear your accounts and set your customers up in our state-of-the-art multi carrier shipping system.

How will I know when my customers ship?

You will be able to view “Live” your entire book of business, also most of our carriers also offer technology that syncs with Pro Star Parcel systems.  Also, it is customary for our office to E-mail you immediately upon us becoming aware of any new shipper. If a significant sales opportunity comes up we will immediately e-mail or call you so we can work as a team to capture the business.

How are Pro Star Parcel’s ISA’s compensated?

Pro Star Parcel ISA’s are considered IC’s (independent contractors) and are compensated on a percentage of actual customer gross profit. Aside from some of the most aggressive profit sharing programs, Pro Star Parcel also introduces Sales Activation Bonuses during the year to assist ISA’s in gaining traction. Pro Star Parcel’s ISA’s will continue to receive compensation on all customer gross profit for as long as they are an actively engaged ISA.

How will I get my ISA Check with Backup?

You will receive an ISA check or direct deposit on invoiced and paid shipments. Our system compiles all your sales and gross profit information so that the ISA can track gross profit and commission accrual on a real time basis.  We pride ourselves on being totally transparent when it comes to your hard earned commissions.